Volunteer opportunities (fall 2021)

Reminder of volunteer opportunities. Gathering to worship together on Sunday is precious. But at the end of encounter with God we are set out into the world to be a light. Here is a reminder of service opportunities–there is no shortage of need.

1. Sunday School – we always need more teachers to a blessing for our kids (higher level of commitment, but a special blessing)

2. Refugee ministry – I believe we are still looking for tutors for Somali refugee children. (medium commitment – online tutoring)

3. Hilltop Christian fellowship opportunity – our very own Danny Nam and Simon Baik serve on the west side of the city on Thursdays in a Christian youth gathering for kids who need a safe place to fellowship and learn about Jesus. (low – medium commitment). You can do just once a month or every week. They need as much help as they can playing with youth, monitoring kids, etc for 2.5 hours.

Have you felt you need a little jolt in your life and faith journey–getting involved is a great way to do that. See how God works through your obedience and sacrifice. Spread the word to others who might be interested. contact Sam Lee at kcceministry@gmail.com if interested.