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Hocking Hills Excursion (Nov 4 @12:30 PM)

by James

We’ll be meeting this Saturday in the EM sanctuary @ 12:30 PM before driving out to Hocking Hills. Attendees are encouraged to eat lunch beforehand. Our hike should last until the early evening, when we’ll grab dinner nearby. Please check the Facebook page or e-mail an admin for more information.

Fall Picnic at Highbanks (Sep 17)

by James

Service this Sunday will be held at @ 10:30 AM instead in the Big Meadows area of Highbanks Park. We’ll have the usual group sports and activities, so this is a great time to invite friends over to spend time with the greater KCC family. Parking may be sparse, so please plan to carpool or […]

Homeless Outreach Registration (June 2017)

by James

Starting on the week of June 26, we’ll continue to partner with The Open Shelter for our annual week of homeless outreach. If you’ll be attending, please register here. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for precise times and dates or e-mail an admin.